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Common Addiction Recovery Treatment Services

Recovering from addiction can be incredibly challenging. Addiction is a disease, which means it requires a cure to recover completely. With that being said, someone who struggles with addiction must go about the long process of recovery. When someone deals with addiction, they are physically dependent on a substance. So, when it comes to dealing with drug or alcohol addiction, it can be incredibly challenging to overcome the dependence on the substance. Thankfully, there are many addiction recovery treatment services for patients.

Addiction Recovery Treatment Services

Unfortunately, about 19.7 million Americans over the age of 12 have an addiction to substances. However, this means there has been plenty of time for research. With this research, experts have found effective ways to overcome addiction to drugs and alcohol. So, patients have an effective course of action when they are ready to seek treatment. Below, you will find some of the most common addiction recovery treatment services available.

Behavioral Health Counseling

Behavioral health counseling is an effective option for those dealing with addiction. This form of counseling focuses on the behaviors of the patient. How do they react to stressful situations? How do their behaviors affect their relationships? Are their behaviors self-destructive? These questions are the primary focus of a behavioral health session.

In a session, the patient and their counselor will discuss the triggers they experience before they relapse. They will also discuss effective and healthy coping mechanisms that do not include drug use. The goal of this is for the patient to learn new habits and behaviors so they don’t turn to drug use. Stressful situations are unavoidable. However, how you react to stressful situations is entirely up to you. When a patient learns to cope healthily, they are less likely to relapse.

Medication-Assisted Addiction Treatment

Another popular recovery treatment is medication-assisted treatment. When recovering from drugs such as pain killers, meth, and even alcohol, the body can suffer from many symptoms. The symptoms of withdrawal include body aches, high blood pressure, severe migraines, insomnia, and others. Clearly, these symptoms are very severe and can encourage further drug use. This is why medication-assisted treatment was developed.

When a patient undergoes medication-assisted treatment, they get a prescription for medication. This medication alleviates the symptoms of drug withdrawal, all without the patient becoming addicted to a new medication. Under the supervision of a doctor, the patient will only take enough medication to alleviate their withdrawal symptoms. Once their symptoms subside, the patient will be off the medication completely. This treatment option makes it much easier to recover from drug addiction.

Addiction Recovery Groups

Addiction Recovery Treatment Services Another great option for addiction recovery treatment is attending a recovery group. There are thousands of recovery groups in the United States in which people discuss their addiction. Typically, these meetings are run by a licensed counselor or doctor. Here, patients discuss their feelings, urges, and struggles. The people in the group likely feel the same way as you, so opening up should be very easy.
Attending a recovery group can be highly effective, as you have a group of people supporting you. It can also make you feel accountable for your actions, and can prevent you from relapsing. Perhaps one of the most important factors with addiction recovery is having a support system. But, not everyone has a support system, especially if all of their friends are addicted to substances as well. So, an addiction recovery group can be a great place to get support.

Stay at a Rehabilitation Center

When most people think of drug recovery, they typically think of a rehabilitation center. These centers, commonly known as rehab, are where patients go to receive multiple forms of treatment. Some rehabilitation centers will require patients to stay for a few weeks to a few months. This is to ensure the patient is fully recovered. However, there are some centers that on require patients to come for a few hours per day. The best approach depends on the severity of your addiction.

When you stay at a rehabilitation center, you will likely go through behavioral health counseling, attend addiction recovery groups, and may even partake in medication-assisted treatment services. These centers are fantastic for severe drug addiction issues. However, they do require you put your life on hold. This means you won’t be able to attend work, watch your children, or take care of your pets. However, if you can work around these obstacles, attending a rehabilitation center can be a great option.

Addiction Recovery Treatment Services in Pensacola

If you are ready to take control of your life and recover from addiction, consider seeking one of the treatment services above. At our clinic, we offer many addiction treatment services and are ready to help you. If you are in the Pensacola area, contact us today. We are excited to help you with your recovery.