About Us

At Partner’s Family Medicine, our team partners with each patient and provides them with assistance on their individualized journey to optimal health maintenance and recovery. We ensure our team provides state of the art integrated primary care, family medicine, telehealth, medication-assisted treatment for addiction, and behavioral health services. This is done by only using evidence-based practices. These practices are always respectful, as well as compassionate. So, we always deliver effective outcomes long-term.

Our Family Medicine Clinic

Our team at Partner’s Clinic is available to assist you with a customized, holistic health maintenance plan. We pride ourselves as being a “one-stop-shop” in healthcare. We offer a multispecialty clinic with specialties in family medicine, addiction medicine, and behavioral health, thus allowing for a complete holistic array of services. No matter what you need from a doctor of medicine, we are here for you.

Our Recovery Center

At Partner’s Clinic, we also focus on meeting the needs of individuals who battle the disease of addiction. We want to be the best partners for them on their road to recovery. We also recognize addiction as a disease, not a sign of personal failure. This recognition is critical to treating addiction properly so we can give proper recovery treatment. Our team partners with the individual and provides an interdisciplinary approach to treatment. This approach includes outpatient medication-assisted treatment (MAT), behavioral health, and case management services. Our goal is to support your recovery with a team approach. Additionally, we always provide de-stigmatizing, respectful care so we will equip you with the tools needed to help rebuild your life.

Let Us Partner With You

Allow our team to be your partner in health and recovery. Why? We are a community-based office and are also a conveniently located integrated health center that focuses on holistic care with measurable outcomes. Contact us today to set up an appointment with our family medicine doctors or addiction center.It’s simple… WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!