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Should You See a Doctor For Behavioral Health Counseling?

The discussion of behavioral health has grown in popularity in recent years. Most people have heard of the term “mental health,” but these two are very different. Through years of research, we know the behavioral health of patients is vital for their well-being. The behaviors of a patient can either improve their quality of life or degrade it. This is why behavioral health counseling is very important when there is any concern. In this blog post, we are going to discuss the idea if you need to get behavioral health counseling from a doctor and what exactly it is.

What is Behavioral Health?

Behavioral health is the quality of behaviors a patient has and the impact of those behaviors on their overall well-being. Self-destructive behaviors are incredibly negative for a person’s mental health, but as well as their physical health. When a person is struggling to maintain healthy behaviors, they may undergo significant stress, anxiety, depression, relationship problems, and can even turn to drugs. Clearly, none of these effects are positive, which is why emphasizing behavioral health is so important.It can be incredibly difficult to maintain healthy behaviors on your own, even if you grew up learning to process emotions healthily. However, it can be even more challenging if you were not taught how to process your emotions and cope effectively. When you don’t know how to heal properly, there is a higher chance your behaviors will be more destructive or unhealthy. Thankfully, you can unlearn these unhealthy behaviors through behavioral health counseling.

Behavioral Health vs. Mental Health

Behavioral issuesMany people confuse behavioral health with mental health. While these two components of overall health sound similar and have similar definitions, they are very different. Mental health is the quality of mental behaviors and mental processes. The mental health of a patient oftentimes has a large impact on their behaviors, which is where these two overlap. When a patient is having a mental health crisis, it is difficult for them to maintain healthy behaviors and habits. So, if there is ever a mental health concern, the patient must seek treatment to benefit their overall health.When it comes to encouraging healthy behaviors, there are different counseling methods. Many times, the reaction someone has to mental stress or life challenges can be self-destructive. This means they may have a low mood, significant anxiety, or drug use. No matter the behaviors that follow mental stressors are, they determine the overall health of one’s behaviors. But, if someone does have negative behaviors, they should seek out counseling methods.

Do You Need to See a Doctor For Counseling?

Many people get confused about whether or not they should get counseling from a doctor or not when it comes to improving their behaviors. In many cases, a licensed counselor is a great solution for behavioral and mental health counseling. They have the training and qualifications needed to help you break the unhealthy behaviors you are dealing with. However, there are times in which you will want to see a doctor rather than a counselor.

Treating Substance Abuse

One of the most common reasons for behavioral health counseling is in the case of treating addiction. For treating substance abuse, we recommend visiting a doctor. Oftentimes, it is best to use medication assisted therapy to overcome addiction. This type of recovery method must be done by a doctor, as it requires a prescription for medication.

To Have Someone Know Your History

Many people prefer to have their medical professional know and understand their history. This is very important to get the best treatment possible. In this case, it is best to see your family medicine doctor. Do what makes you the most comfortable when getting counseling.

To Get Prescribed Mental Health Medication

If you suffer from a mood disorder such as bipolar disorder, depression, or generalized anxiety disorder, you may want to start taking mental health medication. There has been significant research on mental health medications, and they are oftentimes very effective. Only a doctor can prescribe medication, which is why this is a common reason people see a doctor rather than a counselor.

Behavioral Health Counseling in Pensacola, FL

As you can see, there are times in which seeing a doctor is best for seeking behavioral health counseling. If you want to discuss medication options with your treatment provider, you should see a doctor. However, not all doctors offer behavioral health counseling, as their primary concern may be family medicine. This is why your local Pensacola, FL team at Partner’s Family Medicine offers behavioral health counseling.Our team is happy to speak with those who are struggling with their behavioral and mental health. We know how challenging it can be to regulate your own behaviors. When you get stuck in the loop of self-destructive behaviors, it is incredibly challenging to get out of it. That is why we are here to help. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our doctors. We are excited to help you live a life you love and build a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.